From ceremony music to your last dance, Pure Sounds is the perfect complement to your big day!




Timing for your ceremony music is crucial for the flow and ambiance of the moment.  Seamless fading from one song to another, or appropriate pauses between songs, are all details we cover at our client meetings.  We believe in customizing the music for ceremonies to make every event unique and special.

We have worked hard to become one of the premier DJ/production companies in Colorado, and live sound reinforcement for ceremonies is an important aspect that makes up who we are today.  We can mic your officiant with a cordless clip-on mic so even your “late arrivals” will hear the ceremony.  And if your musicians or singers need amplification for the ceremony we can accommodate them as well.


The flow of an event is often choreographed by the caterer, the DJ, and the event planner. Our job as the DJ is to make sure we do what is needed to keep the event running smooth and on schedule. From cuing up background music for the cake cutting, to prepping the Best Man on how to hold the mic, we have the experience to keep your reception flowing seamlessly.

Setting the atmosphere is a responsibility all vendors at a reception share. As the entertainer and MC for the event, our goal is to create the atmosphere the clients convey to us at their details meeting. Conveying the right atmosphere at the beginning of the event and carrying the mood through to the end helps to create long lasting and memorable occasions.


What’s Included:

  • An optional pre-booking meeting, either face-to-face, phone, or skype, to make sure we are a match
  • Premium sound system with one subwoofer
  • One high quality wireless handheld microphone
  • A face-to-face, phone, or skype planning meeting to discuss all of the event details with your DJ 
  • Personal assistance through duration of event planning
  • Easy to understand online planning that takes the guesswork out of weddings
  • Popular song suggestions for all your reception events
  • Highly qualified DJ for the entirety of the event
  • Great options to help make it the event you’ve dreamt of

Wedding & Vendor Etiquette

We always bring class and style to an event by educating ourselves on wedding etiquette. We realize there are some unpleasant stereotypes of DJs and it is important for us to show that Pure Sounds does not fit those stereotypes.  By performing our best at every event we hope to show what a wedding DJ can be. We play the music you and your guests want to hear, choosing every song to satisfy the desires of the group, all while adhering to your discretion. As professional DJs, we avoid all comments and songs that would be inappropriate to your event.

Our professionalism with other vendors will help your wedding run smoothly and we will gladly make any announcements needed throughout the night.  With over 16 years of experience in the event industry, etiquette is something that is always in our minds as a tool to help ensure the success of your event.


When planning an event we realize that every client has a budget. Providing our rates online, through our quote system, enables you to plan the budget for your ceremony and reception needs. Pre-determined pricing allows us to focus on your unique needs and desires during the planning process – which translates into more personalized and professional entertainment during your event.

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